2020 Bee Order Summary

We had a good turnout for our bee order meeting and things went smoothly. 181 packages & 5 NUCS were ordered at a cost of $23,830. Your fellow members ordered: 18 x 3# Italian, 50 x 3# Carniolan, 85 x 3# Buckfast, 12 x 2# Italian, 5 x 2# Carniolan, & 11 x 2# Buckfast packages of bees.  We will keep you informed as the delivery date nears and we have a better handle on that delivery date.  

2020 Manitowoc County Beekeepers Association Group Bee Order

A special meeting will be held to assemble our association’s 2020 group bee order.  The meeting will be held at the Manitowoc County office building located at 4319 Expo Drive in Manitowoc at 6 PM on Thursday, February 13, 2020.  Orders will be taken at or before the meeting.  Details of the bee order can be found on the following form:  2020 Bee Order Form