April Beekeepers Meeting Canceled

Our April MCBA meeting scheduled for 4/2/20202 will be cancelled.

We will keep our membership informed through e-mail as to when and where the bee pickup will be located if you ordered bees. This will be a controlled operation. Other than the people needed to hand out the packages, only one person will be allowed into the building at a time. There will be no group conversations (social distancing) outside at the pickup point. When you drive up, please do not get out of your vehicle until it is your turn. There will be pollen patties for sale for $2.50 each. We only ordered two cases (80), so one patty per box of bees please.

I also have an excellent Beginner DVD for our newcomers, so please e-mail me (Dave Pozorski) @ dp1@mainframe.cc if you are interested in acquiring one.

If are in need of help installing your bees, please let us know. We will be setting a mentor system this year.

2020 Bee Order Summary

We had a good turnout for our bee order meeting and things went smoothly. 181 packages & 5 NUCS were ordered at a cost of $23,830. Your fellow members ordered: 18 x 3# Italian, 50 x 3# Carniolan, 85 x 3# Buckfast, 12 x 2# Italian, 5 x 2# Carniolan, & 11 x 2# Buckfast packages of bees.  We will keep you informed as the delivery date nears and we have a better handle on that delivery date.