Manitowoc County Beekeepers Association Bylaws

Article I – Name

The name of the association shall be the Manitowoc County Beekeepers Association (MCBA).


Article II – Purpose

MCBA mission is to

-Provide our members with a forum for sharing knowledge and mutual interests in beekeeping

-Promote beekeeping in our community

-Educate the public about honey bees and beekeeping and make the public aware of the environmental concerns as they affect honey bees.


Article III – Membership Rules

Membership may be open to all persons interested in bees and beekeeping upon payment of annual dues of $15.00 per family or single membership. Membership year shall be between September 1 through August31. Anyone joining six months or later into the membership year shall pay $7.50 for membership.


Any person complying with the regulations of the by-laws and who is current with the annual dues shall be considered a member in good standing. They shall be entitled to vote at the annual election of offices to be nominated for office and to participate in the deliberations of the association. Proxy votes are not allowed.


A member may be expelled by a vote of two-thirds of members present at a meeting.


Honorary life membership to the Association shall be awarded to those who have been members for 30 years and shall be recognized at the Annual Meeting in October.


Article IV – Officers, Duties, Terms of Office, Vacancy, and Removal from office.

The officers of this Association hereafter referred to as the Executive Committee; consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Section 1 – President

It is the duty of the President to schedule, prepare an agenda (which is sent out to all members one week prior to the meeting), call and preside over all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Committee, shall preside over the Program Committee, and appoint members to other standing committees, as needed. The president shall also present a report of all activities of the Association at the Annual Election Meeting (August) at which the President’s term of office expires.

Term of Office: One Year


If money allows, the cost of a membership for the President to the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association ($25.00 in 2011) shall be paid for by the MCBA. The registration fee of the Fall Convention ($55.00 in 2011) shall also be paid for by MCBA for the President, if money allows. If the President cannot attend, the membership shall vote for an alternate attendee. The person that attends shall give a report to the membership on information learned at the meeting.


Section II – Vice president

It is the duty of the Vice-President to assist the President in the performance of the duties of that office and in the absence of the President, to perform the duties of that office as requested by the President. The Vice-President is the chair of the Education Committee (see Article VIX).


In the event the Vice-President is unable to fulfill the term of that office, the nomination and election of a Vice-President for the remainder of that term of the office shall take place according to Article V of the By-laws. The Vice-President shall become the President at the Annual Election (August) of other officers – Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice-President.

Term of Office: One Year


Section III – Secretary

It is the duty of the Secretary to record the minutes of all Executive Committee and Association meetings, to conduct such Association correspondence as the President or the Executive Committee shall direct, to count and verify all balloted elections, and to destroy all secret ballots upon conclusion of said elections as directed by the President. The Secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes and they shall be sent to all members one week prior to the monthly meeting.


In the event the Secretary is unable to fulfill the term of that office, an interim Secretary shall be appointed by the President of the Association for the remainder of that term of office. The election of a Secretary for the following term shall take place according to Article V of the by-laws.

Term of Office: One Year


Section 4 – Treasurer

It is the duty of the Treasurer to keep an accurate record of all monetary transactions of the Association, to record and deposit all monies received by the Association to make disbursements only upon the written request of the President for expenses over $50.00, to present to the Secretary a complete typed report of all current transactions and bank balances at each Association meeting and to maintain a list of all dues-paying members, which shall be shared with the Secretary. Monthly reports shall be to all members one week before the monthly meeting.


In the event the Treasurer is unable to fulfill the term of office, the nomination and election of a Treasurer for the remainder of that term of office shall take place according to Article V of the Constitution. The election of a Treasurer for the following term shall take place according to Article V of the By-laws.


Term of Office: One year


Section 5 – Removal from office

Elected officers shall be removed from their positions for:

  • Absenteeism – Unless excused by the President, an officer will be considered not in good standing and will automatically be removed for missing three consecutive regular meetings of the organization or more than seven meetings.
  • Recall – Any officer may be recalled for cause including, but not limited to, the following grounds.
    • Failure to perform duties as defined in Article IV
    • Failure to follow the bylaws of the organization
    • Illegal use, misuse, loss or damage of the organization’s assets such as equipment, property, data or fund authorizing or expending funds obligating the organization to debt without proper prior authorization by the association


Article V – Elections

Annual Elections shall be held in August at the regular annual meeting. Nominations for each office shall be presented to the membership in July, prior to the regular annual meeting in August.


Voting for officers is one vote per each family and one vote for a single membership. Voting may be either by written ballot (if more than one nominee for an office), by voice, or by show of hands.




Article VI – Meetings

Meetings will be held as determined by the membership. Typically, a calendar year will consist of 8 membership meetings, a summertime social event (picnic) and a holiday social event (Christmas dinner). The months of January and February are to be used for workshops to introduce new members to the art of beekeeping.


Meeting notices will include date, time, place, subject of the educational program and the agenda for the meeting.


The Rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern this organization in all cases in which they are applicable and are not in conflict with these Bylaws.


Special meetings may be called by the President, or by a majority of the members, or with written petition of at least ten percent (10%) of the voting members, as a need arises.


Article VII – Amendments

Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting of the Association provided that the proposed amendment shall have been previously communicated in writing to members and then presented for a vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting.


Article VIII – Board of Directors

If the Association so chooses, a Board of Directors may be formed. It shall consist of the Executive Committee and three members at large from the Association. Those members will also serve as committee chairpeople, as needed.


Article VIX – Committees

Three committees shall always be present:

  1. Executive Committee – (See Article IV)
    1. Maintains effective organized communication and workflow between regular meetings; conducts business as necessary for the good of the organization; presents annual budget to the membership; and assists in the efficient function of the organization.
  2. Program Committee – Chairperson of this committee is the President
    1. Ensure quality presentations regarding bees and/or beekeeping issues at regularly scheduled meetings.
  3. Education Committee – Chairperson of this committee is the Vice-president
    1. Provide classes or workshops covering the Basics of Beekeeping
    2. Provide public displays at appropriate events


The president has to ability to appoint other standing committees as needed. Examples might be a Public Relations Committee, Newspaper Editor, or Webpage Committee.


Article X – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.


Article XI – Dissolution of Assets

At a time it is determined that the organization is to be dissolved, any assets will be allocated to a non-profit organization with the purpose of providing beekeeping information to the public.





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